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    Breast Reconstruction


    After surgical removal of a tumor from the female breast or amputation (mastectomy) of the entire breast as a result of cancer, the breasts can be reconstructed.


    The breasts can be reconstructed using one of the following surgical techniques under general anesthesia.

    1) The substitution of human tissue with silicone implants.

    2) The utilization of tissue from other parts of the body (LD Flap Procedure)

    3) The harvesting of tissue from the lower abdomen and microsurgical transplantation to the chest (DIEP Flap Procedure)  

    Hospital Admission:        0 – 4 nights depending on treatment selection

    Recuperation Time:           4 weeks


    Post Surgery                  

    After dressings are changed on the second day after surgery, the patient will begin to use a post-surgical bra, preferably one with an opening at the with broad elastic bands.