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    Because of age, over-use or joint fractures, arthrosis (translation: sick joint) can commonly occur in the hand and wrist. Especially common is the degeneration of the base of the thumb called Rhizarthrosis which can be particularly painful and debilitating. The carpal bone that builds the connection of the thumb with the wrist (trapezium) is very often subject to chronic degenerative structural change causing pain and weakness of the hand that in the long run will result in a painful frozen joint.


    The treatment of this condition depends on the degree of degeneration and can range from non surgical methods to joint prosthesis or fusion of joints. An experienced hand surgeon can remove the affected bone to allow for pain relief, a better range of motion and a stronger grip. The patient would require six weeks of immobilization in a cast or an orthosis (brace) to fully recover.

    Hospital Admission:            Depends on diagnosis

    Recuperation Time:             Depends on diagnosis

    Post Surgery

    Physiotherapy is advisable.